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Each Day Brings Teachable Moments - Opening The Doors To Get The Most Out of Each Day

Is Your Appeal To Heaven A Waste of Time?

Mankind has been making appeals to those in higher places of authority for thousands of years. They did this when they recognized a need to submit themselves to a personality that was able to improve their circumstances. Sounds like a pretty wise position to take.

To recognize this cultural condition of hierarchies within society is not enough. Our concept must go beyond the idea that there are people who are more powerful than us, or richer than us, or even wiser than us.

We must look at the creation of our very existence. There are some who mistakenly think the the awesome complexity of the human body and the human psyche are the result of random evolutionary processes.

Consider this. You are walking down the street and happen to notice some pebbles positioned in the street in an unusual way. As you look closely, you determine that they form a pattern. The pattern is a group of letters which form some specific words.

You conclude it is a message that was put in the street for some calculated purpose. What are the chances that those pebbles were arranged in such a way by the wind that had been blowing that day or by the random passing cars on the road? Your obvious conclusion would be that some person placed those stones there and that person was skilled and intelligent enough to communicate.

To conclude that those pebbles were arranged through a random process void of intelligence would be nothing short of foolish. To conclude that the incredibly complex systems comprising the human body are simply the result of unintentional chance is more foolish.

This is all brings us to the eventual recognition of a Creator Being. This Being chose to reveal Himself through His creation and even more intimately through the Bible. He called Himself Yahweh which man translated into the generic term of God. Not only did He reveal Himself, but He sent His Son, Jesus Christ, to deliver us from our lowly place steeped in sin.

All because of His great love for us. Scripture also refers to God as our Heavenly Father. As such, it is His desire for us to come to Him to see that all of our needs are met, and met abundantly.

The human condition is one of constant need, whether it be physical or emotional or spiritual. And how do His children go to Him to communicate our needs? It is called prayer.  You could also call it an appeal to heaven.

Many today question the existence of such a place. What is heaven? It is the dwelling place of God, the place central to His authority and kingdom. There are numerous individuals who have had near-death experiences and have witnessed to being in the presence of an all powerful Being in surroundings full of light and peace and beauty.

What does any of this have to do with the average person’s life? Have you ever been in a position of great need where you had tried every way possible to deal with a situation that needed to be resolved? There is an old saying that there are no such things as atheists in foxholes.

The condition of man has always been one of need. We have financial needs related to employment in order to meet our physical needs of food and shelter. We have emotional needs related to our families and friends. We typically make mistakes and make a mess of these situations.

We also find ourselves in circumstances that are much bigger than ourselves and have the capacity of impacting thousands or even millions of lives. “Where does my help come from” is the theme of Psalm 121.

When we make the mistake of not turning to God, we have just put ourselves in the most precarious of positions. God has promised to be our help, a help that will not disappoint.

Whatever your need may be, we encourage you to make an appeal to heaven right now, believing that God loves you.

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